Karlsruhe, Germany

We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create excellent customer experiences, develop new customer groups and additional revenue and earnings opportunities. Do you want to join us in realizing the value creation potential of AI and driving AI use cases? Then apply and become part of our team.

As an AI Consultant, you will work in the “Enterprise Business Intelligence” area, which integrates over 40 million data sets from business and performance systems every day, refines them with business logic and domain knowledge, and communicates them to users throughout the company and at all hierarchical levels. You will work closely with the Data Scientists from the Enterprise Advanced Analytics team to process these data sets into targeted tools, applications, and recommended actions using Artificial Intelligence to drive long-term business success.

In addition to a degree in a scientific field (alternatively: several years of experience in the field of Data Science / AI development), you already have some practical experience in the development and operationalization of Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence:

  • Experience with complex projects with Machine Learning / AI parts.
  • Experience in handling and using relevant technologies in the field of Machine Learning, i.e. programming languages such as Python, R, SQL as well as the interaction of analytics, playout and reporting
  • Advanced basic knowledge of statistics and algorithms in the machine learning and AI environment
  • Structured and analytical work style, combined with commitment and self-responsibility as well as enjoyment of teamwork
  • Strong communication skills in dealing with business as well as technical contacts
  • Experience in the field of Data Science
  • Good knowledge of one of the programming languages Python/R/SAS or comparable
  • Understanding of telecommunication processes/KPIs