Headquarters: Awesomic

URL: https://www.awesomic.io/

Join a fast-growing startup as a 🔥 Sales Lead 🔥. We just reached Product-Market Fit on both sides of Awesomic’s marketplace. You would work on the acquisition channels of the demand side (B2B).
Awesomic is backed by Michael Siebel, Jarred Friedman, Pioneer Fund, Y Combinator, 12+ YC alumni angel investors, and founders of unicorns like Pipedrive and Fitbit.
Our startup has organically grown to a multimillion $$ recurring business in less than 18 months, being profitable. After that, we raised $2.5m+ VC and were ready to validate tons of growth hypotheses in a short period. We are attacking a $1 trillion industry and about to build the biggest b2b marketplace of a digital workforce.
We are very fast, agile, and focused. You would closely work with founders and be able to manage big budgets once tests show first promising results.
We are looking for a dedicated Sales Lead to coordinate our sales teams, ensure the team’s sales quotas are met, and support the management.
The ideal candidate could do from lead gen and creating ICP to creative execution — and implementing quick, data-driven tweaks to win new customers and retain those we already have.
Sales Lead need to be full-stack and can analyze and take action on metrics from any channel at any part of the funnel.
🙌🏻 Ideal Candidate:
  • Creative (can easily design ad working with a designer or even itself)
  • Data-driven (CAC, LTV, ROAS, Churn, ICP, DIY A/B testing), SQL – a big plus!
  • Open to any new channel (previously worked on a variety of channels and touched a variety of stages of the lead journey)
  • Engineers at heart / No-code automation (Engineer-like mind. You are passionate about turning a business model and the entire customer funnel into a highly productive, predictable machine. Be able to optimize pipeline using no-code automation)
  • Little impatient to see the results (In this role, impatience is a good thing). Lead Sales can, and should, focus on boosting conversions and engagement in the short term.
  • Innovative (Forward thinking means that the Sales Lead will often encourage to test out newer channels and bring new measurement strategies to the table for these new channels.)
  • Manager – be able to organize workflow for the Sales team, graphic designers, marketing managers, copywriters, and developers to implement strategies.
  • Ownership – own the result, entrepreneur-like mind. Be able to see the whole Sales Funnel in eagle view.
  • Has marketplaces / B2B SaaS experience.
🙌🏻 With Awesomic Team:
  • You’ll join the coolest community of one-goal-driven people who love what they do and are ready to change the game with innovative decisions.
  • You will be surrounded by beautiful art-works and creativity in all its manifestations daily. Plus, funny memes are welcomed very much in work chats — so your business days will be fun 🙂
  • You’ll have an opportunity to positively influence the processes personally if you see the ways for improvements. You’ll be able to build the company’s history with the core team – one of the most significant values of working in a startup. You’ll be heard! 🙂
  • You’ll get unlimited opportunities to develop as a professional and daily communication with customers from the top companies in the world. Many challenging and exciting cases are waiting to be solved by you!
  • You’ll get Mental Health Support and financial support during these challenging times
If you feel this looks like a job, we’ll be glad to jump on a call with you! And let’s get acquainted!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/awesomic-sales-lead