Des Moines,IA,United States

More than 7 billion people depend on farms for healthy and affordable food. By 2050, the global population will reach 9.4 billion and farmers will need new ways to deliver on this demand. They’ll be seeking options that are economically viable and that will help them remain environmentally sustainable. Granular’s software meets this need, making farmers more efficient.

We’re looking for a Software Engineer to join our Remote Sensing team. The Remote Sensing team is responsible for commercializing at a global scale products based on remotely sensed data to enable sub field level, smart management decisions. The Software Engineer will be a critical senior member focused on backend, cloud-based solutions with a strong understanding of the DevOps space. This role is integral to Granular’s success and is a unique opportunity to join a mission focused, fast-paced, smart and fun team.

What You’ll Get To Do:

*Deliver amazing remote sensing solutions to support multiple product development teams

*Collaborate daily with Product Managers, Designers, Testers, and Delivery Leads to ensure that the right software is built and that it is built right

*Grow your ability to design elegant data structures, build scalable Python services, and electrify your colleagues with your mastery of AWS

*Demonstrate a desire to improve all aspects of the product– both technical and processes– and deliver outstanding results for our customers

*Inspire your colleagues to achieve at a high level, push teams to deliver great results, and hold an optimistic attitude in all that you do

*Show a passion for learning and developing skills, trying new technologies, and embracing the full stack engineer mindset

Our Ideal Candidate:

*6+ years of software engineering experience

*Exceptional skills and knowledge of Python, particularly with REST microservices running on AWS Lambda, Kubernetes and/or Amazon ECS

*Familiarity with infrastructure as code, automation, monitoring, and the DevOps mindset

*Proficiency with Git, Jenkins, Linux; is comfortable working with Docker and working at a terminal; and continually looks for ways to improve our development experience

*Proficiency with geospatial concepts, software, libraries, and databases

*Experience working with GDAL or similar spatial libraries to process both vector and raster data formats

*An ability to review software designs and code to ensure security, reliability, quality, and adherence to product vision

*Brings critical thinking and new ideas to the team on a regular basis

*Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with proven ability to take initiative and build strong, productive relationships

*Excellent written and verbal communication skills

*B.S. in Computer Science or closely related field [...]

Source: Python.org Jobs Feed