S/W London, London, United Kingdom

We are seeking an experienced software engineer to join a project team developing a cloud-based platform capable of analysing legal documents. The platform retrieves and processes documents using NLP and machine learning technologies to classify and label documents and to draw insights on their content. The results are presented via a web application GUI to help legal and compliance professionals identify and review legal documents.

The ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of software engineering and experience developing and deploying applications in the cloud; specifically, Python-based apps deployed to Linux VMs hosted on Google’s cloud platform (GCP). Knowledge of database technologies, user interface (UI) development, Natural Language processing (NLP) or machine learning would be an advantage.

Job Responsibilities

  • To contribute day-to-day software engineering expertise to a team for the design, implementation, testing, and deployment of an application for the analysis of legal and regulatory documents (laws, regulations, and guidance).

The role will include responsibility for:

  • Implementing, deploying and testing the business logic using the Python language.
  • Managing project code in a GIT source code repository
  • Creating and deploying Linux-based VM’s on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Developing code to interact with:
  1. SQL based relational databases (Postgres)
  2. GCP services, specifically database service or NLP services.
  • Ensuring data storage and processing is performed in line with company security policies and best practices in cloud security.
  • Maintaining a professional awareness of new cloud technologies and initiatives and, where relevant, bringing these to the attention of the team.

General requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, information technology, AI or a relevant field.
  • 3-5+ years of development experience in designing, implementing, deploying IT cloud solutions.

Technical requirements

  • Experience developing applications using the Python programming language and APIs.
  • Familiarity with the Google Cloud Platform ecosystem, including configuring and deploying Compute instances, Cloud Functions, and managed Database services.
  • Database design and deployment practices.
  • Experience managing projects in the GitHub source code repository
  • Experience building backend APIs in python using Flask or other similar frameworks
  • Familiarity with basic web-scraping techniques and dedicated python libraries