Convert PHP-Fusion SQLdb to WordPress BuddyPress / bbPress SQLdb

Similar requirements as the previous post at: https://www.freelancer.co.ke/projects/php/convert-php-fusion-WordPress-bbPress

The old PHPFusion db is hosted on iPower.com (my old host) at https://www.ipower.com/controlpanel/foundation/hosting/mysql/. I will provide the link
Username credentials and
password credentials.

iPower.com (soon web.com) will show a log in error and you will simply have to re-enter the same link to get the MySQL Management Database page to load. iPower is currently going through a merger with web.com and their backend is haywire.

My new MySQLAdmin SQL db is located at https://host.godaddy.com/mwp/site/ (Godaddy). I will provide the:
phpMyAdmin URL – https://pma.wpaas.prod.iad2.secureserver.net, and further provide the:
Port number

After doing some research, I found the following page which offered some direction – https://bbPress.trac.WordPress.org/ticket/2420. It also further gave a .php template to help – https://bbPress.trac.WordPress.org/attachment/ticket/2420/PHPFusion7.php