Headquarters: Utah, USA

URL: https://www.custodyxchange.com

I’m hiring a Customer Success Agent to do all of the
customer support/service, proactively outreach to new customers, and collect
and aggregate feedback so we can improve the customer experience of our
product. This can be either a part-time or a full-time role, anywhere from 20
to 40 hours per week.
This is a great time to join our team for this role because
we are going through a product transition. We are transitioning away from selling
downloadable software as a one-time purchase, to selling an online web-app as a
subscription. This involves completely changing our customer journey, and our
customers need your help!
Our customer service load isn’t very high so you can spend
time to really understand the nuances of the questions. This also means that you
will need to be proactive in how to best use your time through means such as
improving onboarding and the customer journey. This is not a role where you
just answer a few customer questions with a canned script. This is a role where
you deeply understand the customer and get to improve the experience, while you
assist customers along the way.
We are based in the US, but you will be paid in your local
currency at an equivalent of USD $8-9 per hour. For example, if you live in
Brazil, your pay would start between 30-34 BRL per hour. Or if you live in
Mexico, your pay would start between 160-180 MXN per hour. If you are a US
citizen traveling and living abroad, we’d just pay you in USD.
Your role will include:
  • Inbound support: email, live chat, phone
  • New customer outreach: checking in with
    customers and helping them onboard
  • Usability problem discovery: documenting and
    reporting on the common problems
  • Proactive work on process improvement
I’d like to hire you if you:
  • Enjoy helping customers solve problems
  • Are a great listener and you write things down
  • Are good with computers
  • Can stay on task without supervision and work
  • Have native English fluency
  • Live in Latin America
  • Want to work from home in a long-term, full-time
  • And we get along; to see the team you’ll be
    joining, visit our about us page
My company is called Custody X Change. I’ve been working on
the business since 2004. We sell a web application that creates child custody
schedules and parenting plans. It also helps families make difficult decisions
post-divorce/separation, and facilities communication between two parents who
may not get along very well anymore. All of this reduces a lot of conflict and
saves people a ton of money in legal fees.
If you want to help people understand how to use a genuinely
helpful product, and join a small, distributed team, then we should talk.
To apply, email me at careers@custodyxchange.com, and:
  • Include your resume in PDF format
  • Somehow use the word “pepper” in the subject of
    your email
  • Answer the following 5 questions in your email,
    in this order:
  1. Where do you live and what’s your city like?
    (50-100 words)
  2. Why will you do well working independently and proactively, with
    limited supervision? (50-100 words)
  3. What’s your story on how you learned English?
    And if you didn’t learn it as your first language, what was your TOEFL or IELTS
    test score? (50-100 words)
  4. What experiences do you have that would be
    relevant for this position? (50-100 words)
  5. How many hours per week do you want to work, and
    what do you think about the starting salary? (50-100 words)
Note: agencies need not apply; I’m looking for an employee
to join our team.
P.S. I want you to be happy working for me. I’ll pay you a good
salary and you can work normal hours. I care about results, not bureaucracy.

To apply: Directions are in the description. [...]