Full-time(Detroit, MI) About the Design Team
The Detroit Labs Design Team is a small team of experienced generalists whose skill sets cover a broad range of our clients’ needs. Team members are co-located with their project teams (or in some cases fully remote), but come together often to improve their process and their projects, and find ways to evolve Design at Detroit Labs. As the team looks to expand it wants to do so thoughtfully and is searching for someone to help lead that charge.
About the Role
As Detroit Labs’ first Design Operations Lead, you will keep Detroit Labs’ Design team healthy, and running smoothly and efficiently.
The Design Operations Lead provides exceptional leadership that promotes engagement, career growth/development, and fulfillment of Detroit Labs’ Design team members. They work with others in the organization to scale and improve Design team function, and influence organizational processes to better serve Detroit Labs team members and clients.
A Design Operations Lead creates and maintains an operational foundation for designers to thrive within our growing organization. They mentor designers on process, organization and tools to work effectively, but in a way that doesn’t infringe on the leadership of their individual projects. They help to foster greater collaboration and communication between Designers and other roles on Delivery teams. They help promote a fun, highly collaborative design team culture understood by all.
A Design Operations Lead will need to understand the type of work Design team members find most fulfilling, and collaborate with the Director of Operations to connect those desires with incoming work. They have a comprehensive understanding of all of the project work, and can therefore provide input into reviews, give useful feedback, and maintain a tight collaboration with other roles. They evangelize for design, and work with all departments to identify appropriate design team integration.
A Design Operations Lead will also participate in recruiting, interviewing, hiring of Design team members; coaching others on how to best communicate and sell design work; and will help shape design culture and guidelines as the company grows.

3-5 years of cross-functional design team experience, or evidence of heavy involvement and/or leadership in several complex projects
1-2 years of experience in coaching, servant leadership, or people development experience (or relevant areas of experience)
Able to thrive in a high-transparency environment, and able to create a supportive and positive team environment where team members can bravely voice concerns and fears
Caring and honest, with the ability to provide insightful and direct feedback and coaching in a mature and confidential manner
Solution oriented, self-reliant, transparent, self-aware, and feedback focused
Able to understand and communicate the needs and concerns of Designers and how they interact with all sales and delivery roles within Detroit Labs
Able to match individual or team goals with larger business needs
Able to contribute to and be part of the ongoing strategy and definition of the Design team
Advocate for and be an exemplar of Detroit Labs’ cultural values
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