Columbia, MD, United States

  • Design and develop code for web-based software (Python and JavaScript)
  • Collaborate on user interface design with VRL engineering teams and customers
  • Understand/evaluate control and data flow of software based on documentation and source code
  • Develop, maintain and use Continuous Integration pipelines
  • Package software for testing and release (e.g. Docker, LXC, RPM, Deb, etc.)
  • Interact with QA on bug triage

Bachelor’s Degree in a technical field

3+ years’ experience with the following:

  • HTML/JavaScript
  • Python for web and database development

3+ years’ experience with the following:

  • JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Backbone, or React
  • Various packaging mechanisms such as deb, rpm, docker, etc.
  • Building and deploying a webserver-based product
  • Jenkins/Gitlab and git for continuous integration
  • Linux and bash
  • Creating and consuming HTTP REST APIs

1+ year’s experience with the following:

  • Websockets