San Francisco, Washington D.C., Remote, United States

The Imagery team curates and maintains Mapbox’s raster tilesets. To do so, we build and deploy image processing pipelines, data catalogs, and supporting tooling. As a team, we come from different backgrounds, but we share an enthusiasm for working together to make ever more accurate, beautiful, and efficient maps. Along with large commercial customers, we’re proud to enable smaller developers and work on a number of community-driven and open-source projects. Mapbox imagery provides a crisp visualization layer for all of our services, built on top of a library of commercial and openly licensed imagery.

Strong skills in at least two of the following areas are required:

  • Numerical Python
  • Distributed computing systems
  • Geospatial databases
  • "Cloud-native" geospatial computing
  • Image processing
  • Very large datasets

Source: Python.org Jobs Feed