Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

We’re looking for a Junior or Mid-level Python/Django Developer to join our team.

We’re a small but perfectly formed web software development studio based in Sydney. We attract clients who have fun, interesting problems, and we build web systems to solve those problems. Several of our clients are museums, cultural institutions and startups, so our work tends to have adventurous technology which we get to show off in exciting ways.

You’re likely to work with a variety of technologies, ranging from Django and Wagtail systems, through to React frontends, container-based infrastructure, and continuous integration pipelines. While the core of our work is in web systems, there are opportunities to work with anything from new front-end tech through to back-end infrastructure. We’re proud of a culture where you can pursue your interests and have an impact on the parts that matter to you.

Strangely enough, knowledge of Python/Django isn’t as crucial as being a good developer who is always keen to learn new technologies. Here’s what we’re specifically looking for:

  • 1 or more years of experience in building products or platforms using web frameworks—in Django on Python ideally, but otherwise in one or more of Ruby, PHP, JS, or other server side languages—it makes it a lot easier to pick up Django.
  • Demonstrable strong work ethic and self-directed learning. Experience coding on your own time (or as a freelancer) would be great, but isn’t essential.
  • A computer science or related degree is preferred.

Any of the following are desirable and would be great things to mention:

  • Basic experience with the *nix command line—we use macOS/Linux on our development machines and servers.
  • Experience using distributed version control systems such as Git.
  • Knowledge of React, Vue or other Javascript frameworks.
  • Experience with styling in browsers.
  • Experience with Docker

Source: Python.org Jobs Feed