Karlsruhe (DE), Germany

Are you interested in product development in the field of machine learning? Then you have come to the right place. We develop ML products for use by end customers as well as internal customers. To build our products, we use Python, Java, Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Docker, and Kubernetes, among others. If you have hands-on experience with any of these products or are interested in learning how to use them, please apply to this job profile.

  • You will identify business requirements based on customer needs.
  • You will prepare data for training machine learning models or select already trained models.
  • You will select appropriate models (based on criteria such as performance and speed).
  • You are responsible for the introduction and deployment of production-ready models.
  • You have a college degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Machine Learning or in a similar field of study.
  • You have experience in application development in computer vision, text (NLP), audio and/or forecasting in cloud environments.
  • You have had previous experience in software development using Python for cloud applications (microservices with REST APIs).
  • You bring knowledge in continuous delivery on cloud platforms.
  • You are fluent in German and can communicate in English