Headquarters: Puerto Rico

Senior PHP Full Stack Developer
Project: Online Ad Technology and Market Research tool

Location: We are looking mainly for this position in Puerto Rico however, if you do not live in Puerto Rico – please apply and tell us where you live.  We are hiring multiple engineers and project managers over the next few months and would like to remain in contact with you.
About Us:
Our company is a development studio that incubates ideas that turn into successful companies.  We are self funded and private.  We have launched a successful advertising technology project and market research tool. We are in need of a Senior Full Stack PHP Developer who has some operations / project management experience and can help us organize, collaborate, and run the project to launch and beyond.  Our technology stack is LAMP (Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Laravel), NodeJS, Puppeter, Elasticsearch, and some other open source technologies that work together to built a web application that we consider impressive, cool, and fast – we operate servers in 60+ countries, gather data / analytics, provide visualizations, quick search, big data analysis, and work with customers around the world.  We have so many cool things to build that we haven’t even scratched the surface on!  If you’re interested in working on something challenging, fast paced, where your ideas will be heard and welcomed, and have managed engineers / developers / timelines before – please apply!
Job Responsibilities:
– Interfacing closely with the founder and the current engineers of the company
– learning, maintaining, organizing, and pushing the product roadmap forward
– not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them and move on / adapt – looking for someone who wants to be challenged
– maintaining / communicating deadlines as needed
– organizing bugs and feature set tracking – and prioritizing them based on agile rules
– quality assurance testing – testing features and functionalities and reporting back output to developers and eventually developing automated tests as needed
– (a plus) managing a project management system (gitlab or another one you recommend – and education around it for everyone involved
– (a plus! if you are currently a full stack php engineer and are looking for a more managerial role with a dash of code review / auditing / organization and completion of features / the projects
Salary / Compensation:
Note the first project will be a paid consultancy project at rates we both agree upon to see how we work together.  Salary after consultancy (if hired) is based on experience.
$40,000 for entry level who is eager to learn and demonstrate quick turn around in making / learning from mistakes and wants to be challenged with various technologies.
$80,000+ for a very experienced Senior PHP Full stack engineer with operations / project management experience that has also worked with, hired, fired, mentored, and grown teams of engineers, coded / understands development systems and cycles, can manage more than one project at once (if needed), and has the ability to run without much oversight and management.

To apply: jobs@mailethos.com [...]