My membership platform is on Ning. It’s time to move my members (180) to a better platform and I think BuddyBoss is the best solution!

I also need to hire someone to set up BuddyBoss for me on my host’s server–ftp. (I have Netfirms as my host.)

I’ve done two wp.org websites before but I really don’t want to do it this time around. I can migrate my blog, do all the wp plugins, set up e-commerce, etc., but I may need help down the road with the LearnDash plugin so I can begin e-courses.

If anything. I need a wp.org coach. But for now, I want to move off Ning and onto BuddyBoss! ) My site is a Montessori and homeschool membership website, FYI.

Thank you for your time! Lisa Nolan