Remote, US

At LifeRaft we are looking for a product engineer to join us working on next generation safety nets, using technology to build insurance products that actually work. You’ll be joining an early-stage startup with the opportunity to help build the foundation of the business from the ground up. We are experienced startup operators and insuretech/fintech veterans who are hugely passionate about modernizing enormous industries that haven’t been updated in decades.

Work you might do:

  • Experiment with new onboarding flows for new customers
  • Build lightweight data apps that help potential customers better customize their product choices
  • Integrate new data sources to make enrollment and claims faster and more efficient
  • Collaborate with product to spec out and implement a new flow for brokers and agents to more easily onboard their clients
  • Monitor and maintain a live production system with a focus on system health and stability.

About you:

  • You are passionate about the positive impact that technology can make especially in regulated spaces
  • You are pragmatic with your technology choices, shying away from the latest and greatest for tried and true
  • You are detail-oriented, ensuring that the job is done right and well tested
  • You are value-oriented and are not afraid of hard work to do something great
  • You seek to balance the short term and long term, eschewing the easy path for the one that generates the most enterprise value
  • You default to trying and measuring before meeting and discussing
  • You want to move fast and prefer aggressive goals that stretch you versus conservative ones you know you can reach
  • You thrive in unstructured early stage environments and are energized by the chase for product market fit

You may have:

  • Experience working with and maintaining a production software system, ideally in a regulated environment
  • Experience with compliance audits, such as SOC-2, HIPAA, or PCI
  • Experience in startup environments and early stage companies
  • Expertise in Web Development, Python, and JavaScript

Source: Python.org Jobs Feed