Anywhere, Fully remote

ProFinda is looking for a talented Python Developer to work on Web Scraping within the Data Analytics team. Your primary responsibility is to design, implement, and maintain data pipelines that transform data, adding value to it in the process.

This is a fully remote position. The main working hours are UK time.

Our Stack:

  • Languages: Python, Ruby, Js react, SQL
  • Database: PostgreSQL, Athena, ElasticSearch, Neo4j
  • Warehouse: PostgreSQL, S3, Athena
  • ETL: Python, Airflow, Glue, Step functions, lambda functions.
  • Visualizations: nivo.rocks (visualizing app performance).
  • Hosting & Deployment: AWS, Docker, API, Pupetmaster
  • Tracking & SC: GitHub
  • Agile: Confluence, Jira

Our interview Process

  • Initial conversation with Head of Data Science and Data Scientist (30 minutes)
  • Technical interview with Head of Data Science and Integrations Architect (max 1 Hour 30 min). Candidate must have prepared a working python environment and an IDE as well as be ready to share the screen during the interview.
  • Final interview with CTO (30 minutes)
  • Expert in Python and knowledge of web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XPath, JSON, etc).
  • Capacity to create and maintain Data Pipelines (AirFlow, Kinesis, AWS Glue Catalog, Docker, APIs, lambdas…) creating processes to resiliently scrape web content.
  • Experience with AWS services (S3, EC2, Athena, step functions…)
  • Applied Analytics experience translating KPI’s to dashboards.
  • Strong Database knowledge (relational, non-relational and graph).
  • An ability to draft a service for subsequent usage by other team members.
  • Good writing skills, with a passion for documenting.
  • Excellent knowledge of English (spoken and written).
  • Work in an agile team.
  • Understand the structure of existing applications and how to work with them.
  • Interact daily with members of your team and with the broader Engineering team.
  • Review commits of other team members.

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