Szczecin, Poland

Do you like challenges? Would you like to build a new startup and have a free hand to create the entire technology? You will be our first hire with an ability to build the team.

We are launching a new business and looking for a Back End Developer to architect, design, code and implement Software as a Service API email service for international organizations with requirement to send millions of transactional and marketing emails every month. It is outbound email service provider. Design used is API-First mindset. All software used is to be Open Source.

Eligibility: European based candidates

We would like to hear from you if you can do ALL of the following:

  • architect, build, manage and secure email servers and web servers
  • architect and manage databases (most relevant for the project)
  • design and implement RESTful API + webhooks
  • integrate payment processor – Stripe (JavaScript)
  • experience with streaming systems
  • make a simple static website based on W3C Standards

Expert: Bash/Shell, Python, Postfix, RESTful API
Intermediate: html, css, javascript, xml, json-ld, RDFa, webhooks.
Standards: OpenAPI, Schema.org, HATEOAS, SMTP, DNS, IP networks
Email authentication concepts: SPF, DKIM, DMARC, ARC, BIMI.

Your character and cultural fit:

  • be extremely security aware, ideally paranoid.
  • have an understanding that simplicity is superior to complexity.
  • have a desire to automate everything.
  • be honest and trustworthy.
  • great and transparent communicator.
  • ability to self-manage your energy and time.
  • curious.
  • you care.

Source: Python.org Jobs Feed