Headquarters: Brisbane, Australia

URL: http://scrolldown.consulting

For the last year the business has operated as a high-impact low-headcount leader in a very profitable and niche space: upleveling businesses’ efficiency and productivity by implementing the ClickUp work management tool.
Expertise and top-level contacts go a long way, but eventually it’s not enough. A team is needed, so it’s now time to assemble and train a team with the expectation that we will provide the best service in the industry. Anything less and we won’t make it.
Daily life will involve continuous learning, implementing new processes fast and always improving on existing processes. You’ll be on calls with CEOs, business owners, and executives, down to team members and managers; solving work management problems for companies of all shapes and sizes (though you may pick a specialty) and providing training to whole teams.
It’s dynamic and encourages growth, but is also backed by a philosophy of meaning and camaraderie – the point of it all is to make everyone’s lives better, including our own and each other’s. We have your back and expect you to have ours. More about our culture 
This is a remote job, with HQ in Brisbane, Australia. Any location is technically fine, but Australian, New Zealand and US timezones are easier – overlap with AEST will be necessary. Experience with remote work is preferred, it’s a shift, it doesn’t work for everyone long-term, and you will need to be self-directed. 
The ideal candidate will be a reliable, self-directed worker who knows a little something about making work run effectively, crushes it working individually, but enjoys being part of a team. Your CV may be stellar, or it may not be, regardless, you have an indomitable attitude, good energy and demonstrable skills to create great outcomes for our clients.

Role Definition:

This role entails ClickUp onboarding and implementation, building strong client relationships, designing unique and creative solutions for specific workflows, and ensuring value add for our customers’ organizations. 

You’ll work alongside proven leaders within the industry and deliver on the ClickUp experience. We are looking for a team player who is ready to get their hands dirty, onboard large teams, manage implementation and success projects, and report on key analytics to continually make our product and the customer experience even better. 

  • Calls with potential clients to understand their needs and how we can help them
  • Run start-to-finish ClickUp implementation, onboarding and training projects to get our clients from 0 to effective use of ClickUp
  • Build strong relationships with our clients and ensure they have an amazing experience with us. 
  • Run discovery calls that effectively map out not only what clients want, but the true needs that are driving their wants. 
  • Problem solve, design and implement effective solutions that solve the customers core issues and create create day-to-day workflows and work management for their organization 
  • Design effective rollout strategies to allow clients to feel clear, in control and supported all the way to visible outcomes. 
  • Build custom reports and dynamic dashboards for managers and executives to neatly tie up the easy management and oversight of the workflows 
  • Design & deliver training for admins, managers & team members, so they’re empowered to do everything they need to to succeed with ClickUp day-to-day 
  • Educate clients & their team members on the full value of ClickUp for them so they can take advantage of it and maximize adoption 
  • After-project support and follow up to ensure the implementation and rollout has been successful
  • Provide client and team status updates on project progress
  • Contributing to training courses, including written and video training 


  • 2-3 years of experience in technical customer success, software implementation or onboarding, Enterprise change management, project management, people management or systems consultant. 
  • High Systems intelligence to understand how to create the best outputs across a whole system. 
  • Creative problem solver with an eagerness to learn new technologies and sufficient technical background to assist with lightweight custom solutions. 
  • Strong project management skills to keep multiple simultaneous projects on-track and manage unique flows. 
  • Highly proactive communication to keep everyone on the same page, on track and to ensure clients know they’re being taken care of. 
  • Ability to teach and empower non-technical audiences with tech-based solutions
  • Superb written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Positive attitude, empathy, and energy. 
  • Strong customer-facing and presentation skills with the ability to establish credibility with executives. 


  • In depth understanding of managers’ pain points
  • Experience with ClickUp
  • Teaching experience and/or training
  • Experience in SaaS, PPM software, or collaborative work management tools such as Monday, Wrike, Planview, Changepoint, CA, Mavenlink, Workfront, etc.
  • Experience with integration platforms (Zapier, Integromat, Unito, Workato, etc), web services, or APIs.
  • Continuous improvement experience
  • Significant change management experience
  • Enterprise consulting experience
  • PMP or Agile Scrum certified 


  • Fully Remote
  • Adaptable hours
  • Constant challenge and growth
  • The ability to have a say in company processes
  • Candor & care based management
  • High expectations, but also high support
  • Opportunity for quarterly bonuses based on personal & company performance 


  • Let us know about you! Send Justin an email at apply@workmanagement.tools
    Send us your resume, but it’s not what we care about most. Tell us about you. Who are you, how do you create results for clients and why are we lucky to have you applying! 
  • Initial Interview – to get to know you better!
  • A Mini Project – to see your skills
  • Final Interview -to review your project, ask more detailed questions and answer any questions you have
  • We’ll Send You a Job Offer 
  • Launch! – Let’s get into it!  

Our Values: 

  • If the client didn’t get outcomes, we didn’t provide anything of value 
  • Make things better 
  • Always be learning 
  • Care. 
  • Clarity is a human right, and everyone’s personal responsibility 
  • Empower everyone to make decisions, take action, and create good
  • Own your sh*t 

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/scrolldown-clickup-implementation-training-consultant