Henderson, NV, USA
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We’re looking for a great, well-rounded .NET developer to add to our small but awesome development team in Henderson, Nevada. Responsibilities: Plan, design, develop, test, debug, implement, and maintain our custom applications. Administer company web sites and servers. Required Skills: Develop database-driven desktop, web, and console/server apps using C#, WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and SQL Server Utilize web services/APIs, consuming JSON/XML data Ability to code quickly, sometimes sacrificing design in favor of getting something functional out the door that we may or may not get to “fix” later on Solid understanding of relational database design Write database queries in T-SQL Create web sites using HTML and JavaScript (hardcore JavaScript not required, but not frowned upon either) Ability to operate in a small team environment Bonus Skills: SQL DBA (performance tuning, scaling, dealing with TBs of data, etc.) SEM (search engine marketing) SEO (search engine optimization) About Red Dog Media, Inc. Red Dog Media was founded in 2007 by a couple of pretty sharp brothers. They bootstrapped the company, funding it with their own money, and have been profitable basically from the start, carving out a small niche in the big, big world of Internet marketing, mainly focused on pay per click (PPC) advertising. While the company has chosen to stay relatively small (19 employees), it’s definitely not a struggling startup. Some of the things we bring to the table: Gourmet, Chef-Prepared Food – We have a legit, professionally trained chef that cooks a gourmet lunch for us every day. Here’s a sample lunch menu: M: Smoked meats day – smoked in our own smoker that our chef runs at her house. Beef ribs, various sausages, bacon , pork loin, beef ribs, probably a vegetable of some sort (gets lost in the shuffle on smoked meats day) Tu: Flat iron steak, grilled salmon, quinoa, grilled veggies W: Chicken and shrimp shawarma, grilled broccoli Th: Pork loin stuffed w/ feta cheese, lentil dahl, rice F: Prime rib, baked potato, cheesy broccoli Flexibility – Set your own hours. Want to come in at 11? Not a problem (might even be a slight positive since it’d help with dev coverage later in the day). Need to run an errand? Go to your kid’s elementary school program? Not a problem. Flexible Vacation – As long as you come in and get your job done, we’re not going to care how much vacation you take. We decided that we trust our employees and that keeping track of time off was a pain for everyone, so just take what you need. Other Food and Drinks – In addition to the chef-cooked lunches, we stock the fridges and cupboards with whatever else you want. Currently that means fresh fruit, yogurt, fresh pre-cooked bacon , etc. Small Company Atmosphere – Not a lot of process overhead (no TPS reports). Lots of leeway on how to accomplish your tasks. Own your projects. We keep project management simple using Trello. Wear your basketball shorts to work if you want (I do). We work hard and are very successful at what we do, but have a great work/life balance. Great Office – Quiet office space – no call center noise to drown out, and no cubicle farm. Easy access from I-215 near Stephanie St. Matching 401k – Get a 4% company match when you invest 5% (for a 9% overall investment) – 100% vested immediately – no having to wait years for the company match to vest. Group Health Insurance Whatever Hardware/Software Tools You Need – We don’t skimp on giving our devs what they need to get the job done: Brand new computer – we usually get top-end, quiet-running desktops in the $3k range, but it’s your call Two 30″ monitors (or three if you want another) A nice chair – something like an Aeron or Mirra 2 by Herman Miller Wireless headphones And whatever else hardware/software-wise you feel like you need Job Type: Full-time Salary: $90,000.00 to $130,000.00 /year [...]