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Moz is looking for a Node.js Software Developer to join the User Services team, responsible for building applications to support all invoicing, charging, and subscription-management for Moz products. We are open to hiring strong mid or senior level developers. The team is part of the larger engineering group at Moz which supports the development of Moz’s core SaaS products. Engineering collaborates across roles and disciplines to deliver tools for digital marketers in all industries and aspects of Search. We are an office optional company. This position can be fully remote from anywhere within the USA or Canada. We’re also open to having folks be based out of our Seattle, WA or Vancouver, BC offices. What’s Important to Us Accountable. Is action-oriented. Takes initiative. Solves problems and takes ownership. Technically skilled . Understands the concepts underpinning their work. Knows their stack and tools and how to use them effectively. Able to quickly add additional technologies and capabilities. Excited to work on all parts of the application stack. Has opinions about how to do things well. Stakeholder oriented . Takes responsibility for the quality and experience of the products they build and the value they provide to internal stakeholders. Invested in the success of Moz as a whole. Resourceful and adaptable . Looks for information and answers to questions proactively and shares that knowledge. Willing to take on unexpected responsibilities and challenges. Can function in situations without rigorous structure or process. Collaborative . Is team-focused and shares information openly. Able to communicate effectively within a distributed team and with different levels of understanding. Enlists others when solving problems to make sure all perspectives are considered. Asks for help when needed and looks for opportunities to offer help. Detail oriented. Payments processing requires precision. Pays attention to the details, puts process and structure in place to ensure excellent reliability, and accuracy in payments systems. Relationship builder. Builds strong relationships throughout Moz, and in the engineering org in particular. Works collaboratively with other engineers. TAGFEE . Understands and embraces core Moz values. Contributes to creating a welcoming environment for all. Deeply committed to diversity and inclusion, and shows that through action. Diversity & Inclusivity . Moz is committed to building diverse teams where people of all identities and backgrounds are welcome, included, and respected. We work to help close the gender gap in tech, and to actively recruit people from other underrepresented groups. We strongly encourage women, gender diverse people, and minority candidates to apply for this role. What You’ll Do Work within our agile framework to deliver software against the subscription and payments problem-space using industry best practices Work collaboratively with the engineers on the User-Services team to create and enforce development best practices to ensure high-quality software As a senior developer on the team, scope projects that will improve our existing subscriptions and payments infrastructure Contribute to our devops culture by maintaining our systems, including creating documentation, runbooks, monitoring and alerting, integration tests, etc. Participate in the on-call rotation with the rest of the team Maintain SLAs for our applications, APIs and back-end services Participate in architecture design and development for new features and capabilities, and for migration of legacy systems, to meet business and customer needs. Experience We Want to See You should have a solid background in shipping products. We don’t want to get hung up on years of experience but you should have done this enough times that you know what it takes to get software products into the hands of users and also understand and can anticipate the many things which can go wrong along the way. Experience working with relational and non-relational databases Experience working with API design and distributed backend systems Experience working remotely with a distributed team Understanding and support for pragmatic, agile software development practices Excellent accountability Preferred Experience and Knowledge Experience working on a payments development or e-commerce team Experience working in AWS Experience with SaaS products, especially mature products that have sustained growth over time Knowledge of search and SEO Who You’ll Work With Other developers who are working to continually improve and evolve the culture and practice of software development at the company, bringing new ways of working and diverse perspectives to our organization About Moz Moz is the most trusted authority in online search with powerful SEO and Local Search platforms to help marketers improve the position of their brands, business locations and competitive rank in search results. Moz’s platforms are powered by world class-quality data, both robust and fresh enough to serve as the foundation upon which crucial business decisions are made. For both large enterprises looking to gain an edge in the increasingly complex and ever-changing world of search or an agency seeking an SEO platform to accelerate client growth, Moz has a solution. Check it out at www.moz.com. Some reasons why you’d want to work with us: You want to play a big part in a small but profitable company who are industry leaders. You do your best in a setting where excellent work is what’s valued—not face time (a good work-life balance is just how we do things) You value authenticity and a work environment that values who you are and what you can do. You’re looking for a big challenge that involves lots of variety, collaboration, inventiveness, and on your toes thinking. You want to work alongside people who are passionate, friendly, and helpful. Our benefits include: A strong commitment to work-life balance. We provide a US$3,000 per calendar year vacation expense reimbursement for all employees as well as monthly home internet access and cell phone stipends. Employer match contributions on retirement plans. Generous paid time off and flexible work from home policies. Personal career development including 10 face to face career coaching sessions a year. 100% match on charitable contributions up to $5,000/year. Generous paid parental, medical and family leave policies to support you during major life events. We are an office optional company and are open to hiring people to work 100% remote from within the USA and Canada. Do you currently reside in the USA or Canada? For USA based candidates: Will you now, or in the future require Moz to commence (“sponsor”) an immigration case in order to employ you (for example, H-1B or other employment-based immigration case)? This is sometimes called “sponsorship” for an employment-based visa status. N/A – I’m located in Canada Yes No Diversity & Inclusion To build the very best SEO tools, we need a workforce that reflects the diversity of our communities and customers. We want Moz to be a place where everyone feels welcome and engaged, bar none. It’s our mission and promise to interview a diverse and representative slate of candidates before making an offer for our open roles. Below is a set of voluntary demographic questions that are part of Moz’s diversity and inclusion efforts. If you choose to fill them out, the responses will be anonymized and aggregated for the purpose of helping us improve our hiring processes and to help us be more accountable when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Your responses – or lack of response – will NOT be associated with your application. I identify my gender as: Female Male Non-binary / Third gender (inclusive of bigender, agender, androgynous, gender fluid, gender non-conforming identities) I prefer to self describe I prefer not to say I identify as transgender: Yes No I prefer to self describe I prefer not to say I identify my sexual orientation as: Asexual Bisexual, Pansexual and/or Queer Gay and/or Lesbian Heterosexual I prefer to self-describe I prefer not to say I identify my race/ethnicity as (mark all that apply): Alaskan Native / First Nations / American Indian / Indigenous American / Native American Black / Of African descent East Asian (inclusive of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, etc.) Latinx / Hispanic Middle Eastern (inclusive of Arabic, Iraqi, Israeli, Kurdish, Persian, etc.) Pacific Islander South Asian (inclusive of Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, etc.) White / Of European descent Mixed ethnicity / Multi-racial I prefer to self-describe I prefer not to say Veteran status: Yes, I am a US or Canadian military veteran No, I am not a veteran I prefer not to say I have a disability Yes No I prefer not to say Moz has my consent to collect, store, and process my data for the purpose of considering me for employment, and for up to 730 days thereafter.