(Anywhere in the USA only at this time)

Please, no recruiters or staffing agencies.


Southleft is seeking a creative problem solver who would love the challenge of building exclusive, fast, lightweight, and user-friendly websites for clients with novel and ambitious requests. Our ideal candidate for this full-time, salaried role would have at least 4 years of experience in web development and a very sharp design sense. You should be able to manage your time well as a remote worker and be self-driven to provide excellent attention to clean coding detail, with the ability to accept feedback and implement positive changes.

Your responsibilities would include creating design concepts, implementing those concepts into code, revising and building upon feedback, and completing browser and QA testing – all on a project by project basis as assigned. We’d love for you to contribute innovative ideas to our team with knowledge and experience you’ve gained along the way. You should eagerly welcome the ebb and flow of web projects, being flexible with scheduling as necessary.


  • Design principles and methods as it relates to user experience and user interfaces
  • HTML & CSS best practices
  • CSS preprocessors such as Sass
  • Vanilla Javascript (including Javascript frameworks such as React and Vue.js)
  • Drupal & WordPress Theming
  • Git
  • Front-end build tools (such as Webpack, Gulp, NPM, etc.)
  • Agile workflow methods
  • Atomic design principles
  • Web standards, accessibility, and responsive design with a performance-first approach.


  • Sharply design and develop creative, custom web solutions for our clients’ unique content needs.
  • Engage in high-level communication with clients and coworkers via video, email, messaging, and in-person.
  • Manage time well as a remote worker and be responsible and self-driven.
  • Provide excellent attention to clean coding detail.
  • Solve problems independently.
  • Smoothly navigate among ongoing projects as timelines and resourcing needs ebb and flow.
  • Express kindness and friendliness, listen attentively and respectfully, and provide excellent service to both clients and coworkers.
  • Continuously learn, contribute ideas to the team, and accept feedback on work in order to develop and grow as a web designer.


Southleft is a husband-and-wife-run boutique digital design agency based in New Orleans, LA. We specialize in producing customized websites from scratch for progressive organizations and digital teams. Our clients are varied but many are in the media and lifestyle brand industries who have complex and heavy content for a wide user base. We value respect for and courteousness to clients and other team members, integrity in our work, and a humble confidence in our ability to learn and grow on a daily basis.



We pride ourselves on our creative energy. Our designs are fresh and original, so they feel modern. But we aspire to create with a visionary tone, working towards inventive designs that provide timeless inspiration to the viewer. We encourage each other as coworkers to stretch the limits of creativity when it comes to design aesthetic.

Customer Focused

As a service-based organization, we are laser focused on the customer’s needs and requests. We offer tailored, customized solutions for our clients at a premium price, and they expect excellent service. We are friendly, kind, and helpful to our customers and to our coworkers no matter what the circumstance.

Truth & Respect

Respect for the other drives our conversation with clients and coworkers. We listen attentively to each other and are honest and transparent in our conversations. Our loyalty to our clients demonstrates our trustworthiness to them, and they reciprocate by remaining devoted clients. We are candid as possible when it comes to communicating the best way we can support our clients’ requests.


In an industry that is constantly changing, we must be continuously eager to learn each day. We are bright innovators but remain humble knowing we don’t know it all. It is important for us to actively listen to those with whom we interact. We must uphold our obligation to give back and teach those who seek to learn from us.

Job Perks: – work from home
– 401(k)
– educational & training opportunities
– flexible schedule
– computer equipment
– high-profile client base
– paid time off
– room to grow & develop your role
– performance bonuses

Apply: ​All applicants should include a cover letter, a resume, and links to sites that demonstrate your design and coding skills. Please, no recruiters or staffing agencies.​ [...]