Myrtle Point, OR 97458, USA
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Understand developer workflows and help improve their experience through instrumentation, analysis, development, optimization, and work with Bazel and Gradle. Design, develop and deliver distributed engineering build tools and platforms for one of the largest code bases in the world, using multiple languages. Mentor junior developers as they grow their careers, personally and professionally Lead project teams through all phases of the software development lifecycle Bring partners together across organizational and functional boundaries Participate in Twitter-wide engineering forums Work collaboratively in an Agile, CI/CD environment Work tightly with the Open Source community to coordinate contributions to the tools and help define the roadmap Evangelize adoption of open source tools in the developer community at large Qualifications You will have 7 years experience with most of the following Scala, Java (or any JVM language) required Python, C/C++, Go Bazel – preferred, Pants, Buck, Gradle, sbt, or Maven at monorepo scale Development of build tools, cloud caching and IDEs Algorithms and data structures Web infrastructure and distributed systems Open source community Large, polyglot code bases. Agile development methodologies, CI/CD Engineering teams implementing build systems for complex source code, developing source control systems and continuous integration infrastructure