Headquarters: Oakland, CA
URL: https://www.trackitforward.com

Note: This is a full time remote position and you must be available during US business hours and fluent in English.Track it Forward is an impact-first tech company that serves grassroots and nonprofits.  We are an online and mobile volunteer time tracking tool whose mission is to provide modern, simple, and affordable technology to empower nonprofits to achieve their goals faster.  We believe that by serving nonprofits and grassroots organizations, we can magnify our net impact in the world.For this position, we are looking for the right candidate who is a hard worker, great communicator, and an organized multi-tasker.  Your goal will be to work with other volunteer organizers and help them use Track it Forward. If you have any volunteer leadership experience yourself, that’s always a plus!This role is a remote, full-time position where responsibilities span both sales and customer success.  You will get the opportunity to wear multiple hats in a tech company, learn how to manage sales prospects and customers, and make a difference in our world, all at the same time.This position’s primary focus is handling all inbound sales requests and support emails.  At a moments notice, you could be jumping on the phone or doing screen shares with potential clients and helping them go from “interested” all the way to a paid, onboarded, and successful customer.  Your secondary focus will be improving all our existing processes to help customers understand Track it Forward, all so that they have less questions!  This could involve creating case studies, improving our FAQ, holding webinars, adjusting email drip campaigns, making user guides, etc. We could always be better, and having a desire to always be improving is definitely a plus.Being savvy with technology, comfortable talking over the phone and video, having a love for helping nonprofits, and having a proactive personality are a must for this position.Since we are a very small company, we do not offer medical or retirement benefits but we do offer flexibility, remote work, and the opportunity to create change in the world.  This job is full time and the candidate must be located in US time zones.  Responsibilities Handle the full sales cycle of clients Help nonprofits determine if Track it Forward is the right fit for them over email/phone/demos Follow up with clients Assist with on-boarding of new customers onto Track it Forward over email/phone/screenshare Respond to any support questions over email or phone Welcome new clients to Track it Forward and help to make sure they configured the system correctly Check in with existing clients to see if they have any questions Manage a FAQ and Video Gallery and Knowledge Base so nonprofits can better help themselves Create case studies that new nonprofits can learn from Requirements Detail oriented but not a perfectionist Creating new processes and improving old ones Degree or relevant experience in communication type work (i.e. PR, marketing, communications) Comfortable working in a non-structured, remote environment Extremely responsible You like to correct people if they spell things wrong  Benefits Remote work Salary 40 hours Sick time and paid time off based on accrual system

To apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdmmUZTCN_SbC6VxDLjGWqFPRVuhGtIPuRzqJHT1we_4zSQRA/viewform [...]