Headquarters: Chicago

URL: http://www.trendspider.com

Front-end, Lead software developer
As a lead front-end engineer, you would be responsible for coordinating team efforts on the front-end and leading them by implementing good practices — including practices of writing good code and using relevant technology. We’re also expecting you to understand the core principles of a good UX.

  • Build UI
  • Leverage technology to cut corners or deliver outstanding UX wherever possible
  • Own the subject domain of a front-end performance
  • Run code reviews
  • Manage a small team of front-end developers and grow it 
  • Define and maintain the good practices
Technical requirements:
  • Experience using React and at least one another popular framework in production
  • Experience applying BEM 
  • Strong understanding of OOP and dependency injection
  • Understanding how browser loads and renders the content
  • Experience using High charts and other charting libraries 
  • (optional) Experience using Angular.JS (1x) in pastWe expect you to have experience working in a similar position for at least 1 year. If your SASS (CSS?) code is just as clean and lean as your ES6 code, then please reach out!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/trendspider-llc-lead-front-end-software-developer